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Helmet concept. Roses falling out of yellow headed blackbird’s ribcage in flight. 


Helmet idea


Bonneville cutthroat are found primarily in utah. Left over from the ancient lake Bonneville.  What’s left of that lake is the great salt lake and the Bonneville salt flats.  But due to the size that lake Bonneville was, you can find the fish in Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho as well.  Unfortunately, none in Oregon.
Helmet idea
This moth on some protein shakes

Anonymous asked: Are you and Kim still together?

As best friends. She is a very radical woman, incredibly intelligent and capable, and scathingly hilarious.. but it became apparent awhile ago that we were riding our motorbikes down different roads.   
I was very fortunate that our roads ran parallel for a time, but they have since began to diverge.   
The good news is that outside of methaphors, we can still ride bikes together and shoot the shit.


The pre-dawn light was just beginning to bleed over the mountains and into the eastern sky. It revealed something that the lack of stars had done throughout the last few hours. Heavy clouds. I was standing on a Mexican blanket laid out on a flat space between several sage brush. Two dogs, reddish-brown like the sands, still curled up at my feet. Looking out over the sprawling desert and at the washes of rain as they drifted across the canvas before me, I thought of something I had read, about how they name the worst storms after people. Before the day could break, the rain washed what was left of the taste.  
I find myself in the desert more and more, even weekday nights. The lonely sprawl of the american west seems to pale in comparison to the empty space on my bed where she once lay. Even towards the end and the resentment that seethed from her back, she was a mountain that gave a me a valley to call home. Now my bed is an empty plateau and I feel much more comfortable somewhere that the solitude is intentional.  
She’s still on the lease, and occasionally occupies the downstairs room. Most of the time she sleeps elsewhere. Her mothers, I think. Since we split the resentment has faded some. We really do want to remain close friends. Emotions will rebel against that concept as one of us notices that the other is dating someone else, but the storm has just barely ended and it’s still wet and muddy outside so we’ve got some time to prepare for that.    
I am focused on my art again. It affords me intentional solitude of the mind. Robert Pirsig wrote at great length about the high country of the mind. Also seeking solitude while chasing the ghost of reason, he used analogies above the treeline to paint his picture. I think, had he spent more time in the american west away from scenic byways, he would have thought more of the desert. The lateral drift that one goes through, both mentally and geographically, while traveling the deserts is an important part of the human experience. Being goal driven, as our species tends to be, I’ve always thought of climbing mountains. The terror being that if you progress past the peak you begin to descend. There is no descent in the desert, only drifting. To drive hard in a straight line is to miss the desert altogether and the same applies in our heads. We trample goals and beat down the door of truths but all with the assumption that these goals and these truths are the ones we are meant to take on. Sometimes you have to be a drifter until you come across goals and truths that make a bit more sense to you.   So I drift.-Crosby
This looks like a gta5 selfie.

You know what they say, “You can only fuck up forever.”
Cut & buffed.
Holladay, UT
August 2014

Tumblr has ruined me

Never gonna find a tattoo’d Lagertha who is into beards and motorbikes and bourbon and prime rib.

coldreeb asked: Do you really live in salt lake?

yup.  Well, I’m in Holladay, about 15 minutes from down town.

The fxr fixer and the triumph. 
August 2014
Give up when I’m tits up. 
Putting the airbrush and enamel to use. 
Holladay UT
August 2014
Enamel is fun. I’ll finish up tomorrow.

Almost there

Greg, that engine has some of my blood on it… which means that chopper now has Ebola.