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Sportster side-mount headlight mount, unfinished (progress shots)

Greg, doing the lords work.

Blog Gone Blank

Hey folks, 
So the other day I noticed by blog is blank. Just shows the header. 
If I remove the header, the blog displays fine…
If I upload the image that I’ve used successfully for months, the blog breaks. 

any thoughts?

It’s always the end of times to these people

All men have an innate sense of their own mortality and an understanding that they will pass. Very few men, it seems, can imagine a world that goes on without them.

I wish I were important enough for someone to quote me on that after I die.

Learned a lot. Hope the owner digs it.
Salt Lake City, UT
Sept 2014

I don’t know about California.

Y’see the problem with California is all them zany laws. Gun laws. Emission laws. Urethane laws. The whole bit is completely unchopper.

Anonymous said: Are you and Kim still together?

As best friends. She is a very radical woman, incredibly intelligent and capable, and scathingly hilarious.. but it became apparent awhile ago that we were riding our motorbikes down different roads.   
I was very fortunate that our roads ran parallel for a time, but they have since began to diverge.   
The good news is that outside of methaphors, we can still ride bikes together and shoot the shit.